Disneyland® Paris comprises two Theme Parks offering 59 exciting attractions.
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Euro Disney S.C.A. (the "Company") is the parent company of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., operator of Disneyland® Paris. To know more about the relationships between these two entities, click here.

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Our commitment to the environment

To act, support and inspire to protect the environment where magic happens and to build a leading innovating and sustainable destination in Europe: that is the vision of Disneyland Paris.
To achieve this, we make the commitment to use resources efficiently and change our behaviors and technologies so that our long-term growth respects the nature and the communities around us.

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Given the number of restaurants, boutiques and hotels, there are many problems regarding waste at Disneyland Paris and many types of waste. We have to take this diversity into account by adapting our procedures. Each opportunity for recycling is looked into, and some options are adopted. We also focus on reducing waste 'at the source' in terms of wrapping, packaging and wastage.

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Water is present in a great number of attractions and consequently plays an important role in the guests' experience at Disneyland Paris. When the parks were designed the preservation of water had not yet been defined as one of the major challenges the destination and the territory would face. Since 1998 the Disneyland Paris teams are fully aware of this and act daily to reduce and optimize drinking water consumption. Behavior change, technical improvements and follow-up of the water quality are just some of the actions implemented.

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We are convinced that innovation and a change in behavior complement one another to build a world that is more energy-efficient. Consequently we work daily with our Cast Members to develop together innovating and sustainable solutions that will allow us to ally an environmentally friendly performance with unique show quality.

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Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse Gas, considered as the number one cause of global warming, is let out by each human activity. We are aware that we generate Greenhouse Gas to operate our company, to supply it, to move Cast Members and our guests and for catering. In order to reduce these Greenhouse Gas we try to identify and quantify them before implementing actions to reduce them or even avoid them.

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From the Wild West of Frontierland to the fairytale wonder of Fantasyland, our universes are as varied as they are numerous. The construction materials and the vegetation are determining to set the stage in which our guests will evolve. That is the reason why we choose them and look after them with the greatest care so they may contribute to the magic to the environment they are in.

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Related products and eating

Disneyland Paris wishes to take action in all of its fields of responsibility: from its procurement up-stream to the end of life of the products bought by its guests. That is the reason why we have chosen to increasingly include the ecological footprint of our products and food in the fields where we intervene in priority.

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Disney is an internationally known brand and enjoys undeniable popularity. We have therefore decided to use the strength of our brand to contribute to the evolution of our publics' behavior in regard to the environment.

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