With over 275 million of visits since it opened in 1992, Disneyland® Paris has grown to become the most visited tourist destination in Europe.
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Euro Disney S.C.A. (the "Company") is the parent company of Euro Disney Associés S.C.A., operator of Disneyland® Paris. To know more about the relationships between these two entities, click here.

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Shareholders Overview

Euro Disney - Information

This section of the website is no longer updated since june 19 2017, date of the mandatory squeeze-out procedure of Euro Disney initiated by The Walt Disney Company.

Simplified Cash Tender Offer

Get access to the documents relatives to the Simplified Cash Tender Offer

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The Shareholders Club informs you

Dear Shareholders club members,

Following the announcement on february 10, of the recapitalization of Euro of Euro Disney S.C.A. by The Walt Disney Company, the Shareholders Club informs you of the suspension of memberships and renewals (online and/or by mail) from Friday, March 31 2017 on, till the end of the operations.

As announced at the General Meeting, all active members of the Shareholders Club as of March 31, 2017 will benefit from a 10-year extension of their card, as from the end of the operations.

By the end of the operations:

All the cards expiring by the end of the operations will automatically be extended and re-magnetized, without any action on your part. Thank you to keep your active card andnot to take into account any expiratio date written on this card.

The benefits and services will remain unchanged.

At the end of the operations:

A new card will be delivered to all active members, valid 10 years, without any action on your part. this card will grant you the same advantages and services as previously. We will keep you informed through our corporate website and our Shareholders Club, which you can find at the following adress: and click on the "Club Publications" link.


As of this day, Friday, March 31st, 2017, midnight, no new membership (new members) will be taken into account nor accepted.


Reminder on the modifications of the Shareholders Club general conditions

Euro Disney S.C.A. reserves the right to modify without prior notice the general conditions and/or the eligibility conditions and/or the characteristics of the Shareholders Club, including the different types and levels of offers and discounts proposed to the members of the Shareholders Club.

Euro Disney S.C.A. also reserves the right to terminate Shareholders Club activities for any reason and at any moment, in which case it commits to honor all reservations made up to and inclduing the dates benefitting from a Shareholders Club discount.

Euro Disney S.C.A. Share Price

Important Dates

  • November, 2017: 2017 Annual Results Announcement
  • August, 2017: 2017 Third Quarter Revenues Announcement
  • April, 2017: 2017 First Half Results Announcement
  • March 31, 2017: Annual General Meeting
  • February 10, 2017: 2017 First Quarter Revenues Announcement
  • November 10, 2016: 2016 Annual Results Announcement

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to the most frequent questions shareholders ask about the stock markets, how to buy shares in Euro Disney S.C.A., the responsibilities and rights of a shareholder, and financial information about the Company.

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Euro Disney S.C.A. Share

Euro Disney S.C.A. share price updated each 15 minutes.

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Shareholders Club

Established in 1995, Euro Disney S.C.A. Shareholders Club aims to strengthen Euro Disney's relationship with its shareholders. As Club members, shareholders receive relevant and clear information about the Company, its financial performance, annual general meetings, as well as the latest Shareholders Club and Disneyland® Paris Resort news. They can also take advantage of various offers, discounts and events from the Shareholders Club.

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Management Notes

Find in this section the explanation of Euro Disney S.C.A.'s Management on most recent Financial and Corporate news.

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General Meeting

All shareholders can take part in certain Company decisions, as provided by laws and regulations and the Company's by-laws in force, by attending the Annual General Meeting, a great opportunity for shareholders to speak with Company Management.

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Financial Calendar

Euro Disney S.C.A. Revenues and Results release dates, Annual General Meeting's date and other relevant financial announcements and event dates. The Euro Disney S.C.A. fiscal year runs from October 1 to September 30.

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Publications and financial results of the company.

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Financial Glossary

This section explains some common financial terms. 

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Shareholders Contact

Shareholder Relations are available to answer your questions. 

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